Why Stage in a Hot Market?

You may wonder why it would be beneficial to stage your home or listing in a HOT market. Statistics show us that the average Days on Market for Loudoun County was 22 as of May 2019. Reduced inventory has continued to increase demand over the past year, and sales prices along with it.

Many sellers may feel that their house will sell even if they are in need of cosmetic repairs and/or updates. While your home may still sell in a strong market, proper preparation and presentation increases demand by providing compelling online photos and can often create a bidding war.

Staging is truly targeted marketing. We utilize photo styling tacticts to create compelling online photos. Over 90% of buyers shop online before stepping foot inside the door of the house. With polished professional photos, a well-designed, de-cluttered home creates that online interest needed to urge buyers to see the home in person.

Staging also allows a buyer to visualize themselves and their family in the home. Most people have a hard time arranging and designing their homes. By having it staged, they can instantly see how spaces are used, gain ideas, and acquire a sense of home when they walk in the door. Appealing to the emotion of the buyer is one of the most important benefits of staging your home for sale.

Realtors have a fiduciary responsibility to help their clients sell their homes for the most amount of money. The National Association of Realtors cites that staged homes can increase sales prices by 5-10%. In any kind of market, consider sharing one tool they can use to get more money for their home – STAGING!

Staged by Design offers consultations for occupied homes, as well as full staging for vacant homes. Feel free to contact us for your staging needs!