Tomorrow is Just a Day Away – When is the Best Time to Call in a Home Stager?

The decision to list a home for sale can often occur quickly. It ranges from a result of life or work circumstances, to simply finding the perfect home and needing to sell the current home first.

Listing a home can become quite a production for your clients. If you compare it to a Broadway musical, it comes together with the work of many people.  With a musical you have the design of the product (the play), the promotion of the product (marketing) and the appearance of the product (the set and the characters).  All of these components come together to hopefully create a box office hit. 

Just like producing a musical on stage, putting a house on the market must be a well-choreographed process.  This process includes promotion, price and product.  As a realtor, you advise the seller to come to the most achievable price point in which to sell.   It is your fiduciary responsibility to provide your client with all the tools at your disposals in promoting the listing. The product, one of the most crucial component to the process, is one of the easiest portions to enhance, yet requires the coordination of many moving parts, of which staging has the overall highest ROI. But when should this part of the process take place? 

We have created a great guideline for deciding when a staging consultation should happen.  We believe a good parameter should be 1 week for every year you have lived in your house. For instance, if the seller has lived in the house for 2 years, schedule a consultation two weeks prior to listing.  If the seller has lived in the house for 10 years, plan on 2 ½ months prior to listing.  The need for upgrades and deferred maintenance are substantially higher the longer someone has lived in the house. In addition, the amount of personal possessions tends to grow with each year. Our consultation will outline what maintenance needs to be completed before list date and what should stay or go. The goal of our consultation is to focus on the tasks that provide you with the highest return on investment (ROI).  Our guideline gives sellers plenty of time to schedule contractors for the work to be completed as well as sufficient time to edit their possessions. 

If furniture and accessory staging is needed, post consultation, our lead time is typically one and a half weeks in advance.  Our detailed design is customized to the needs of the home, with any suggested upgrades, updates and scheduled work all geared to support the list price of the home.

Our staging, along with proper price and aggressive marketing, will complete that perfectly choreographed process for selling a home FAST and making it a “box office hit” on the market.

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