The Insiders Guide to Questions You Should Ask When Hiring a Home Stager

Are a home owner or a realtor seeking to find a partnership with a home stager to better market your home? There’s a lot of home stagers out there and the industry can be very confusing. Currently there are no regulations as to who can become a home stager. So, what makes a good home stager and what should I ask when hiring one? Take a look at my video for a brief overview of what you should look for when hiring a home stager.

To recap – here’s five questions you should review with every home stager when seeking a partnership to better market your home:

1. Is home staging their full time job?

Many do home staging on the side or as a hobby. If they are full time you know their business is serious.

2. What training have they received? Ask about their education.

Many home stagers do not have a degree in interior design. That’s because home staging is more about target marketing while interior design is more about the design for a homeowner. With that aside, there are professional certifications to become a home stager. If your home stager has that certification then they have been trained in design to market a home to sell.

3. What are their average days on market? Ask to see previous staged properties.

Reputable home stagers take photos of all their staged properties. By asking to see these photos you are ensuring their style will meet your needs. Also by asking how many days their homes have been on market gives you a clear view of the quality of their work.

4. Are they insured?

This is a very important question for anyone who comes into your home and does work on your home. Home stagers are no exception.

5. Do they partner with movers or have an in-house team?

Home stagers depending on size will either hire an outside mover to help load furniture in/out of the home or have an in-house logistics team that does the heavy lifting. Just nice to know if you will have another company reputation to review before hiring home stager.

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