Summer Movie Giveaway!

Summer is known for blockbuster movie hits.  With the heat settling in, there’s no better way to spend an afternoon as a family than sitting in an air-conditioned movie theater.  SO, we decided to do a fun summer movie giveaway. 

In addition to the amazing homes we have the privelege of staging throughout Northern Virginia, we started thinking about all the great houses we have seen in movies.  Have you ever dreamed of living in something you have seen on the silver screen?  If so, what house got your attention?  Here’s a few of our favorites:

LEIGH – Practical Magic

Leigh fell in love with the conservatory in this lovely house featured in the 1998 movie starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman.  Being an avid gardener, Leigh would kill to have a room like that in her house.

KIM – Father of the Bride

Kim really liked the traditional, nostalgic home of the Banks family in this 1991 movie.  The exterior of the home exuded charm and resonated family time. She loved the time spent between father and daughter with that courtyard and basketball hoop!

WENDY – Twilight

Wendy adored the sleek contemporary house of the Cullen clan in the 2008 Twilight movie. The architecture on this house is AH-MAZING!

TRACY – Something’s Gotta Give

Tracy was drawn to Diane Keaton’s Hampton beach house in this 2003 movie with Jack Nicholson. Just look at that wall of french doors with a view of the beach (swoon!)

LAUREN – It’s Complicated

Our California gal, Lauren, liked Jane’s Spanish style hacienda in this 2009 romantic comedy. With the classic terra cotta tile roof, interior arches and cozy kitchen it’s no wonder Lauren fell in love with it.

What’s your favorite house from a movie?  Tell us and be entered for a chance to win a $25 Fandango giftcard for you and your family to enjoy! Also, be sure to follow and share on Facebook and Instagram. Winner will be chosen on July 17th!