Frequently Asked Questions


My walls are freshly painted. I don’t want to add artwork and put new holes in the wall.

We certainly understand why this may be of concern.

One unique aspect of our staging is that we provide on average, 28-42 pieces of art for a single family home. That may sound like a lot, but artwork provides, color, style, interest and completes a room and the overall look. We place key pieces of art in strategic locations to highlight the focal points of each room. We also add artwork to transition spaces such as hallways, foyers and bathrooms.

Our art is relatively lightweight, and therefore hung with small nails or hangers. If it requires a hollow wall anchor to hang it, we don’t buy it!

As a point of service, we remove all nails during the de-staging, and apply a light spackle treatment to the walls that does not require sanding or painting. Unless the wall color is very dark, the holes are not visible from a distance of two feet.


My hardwood floors have just been refinished and I have new carpet. Everyone needs to wear booties in the house.

 We are committed not only to honoring your possessions and taking extreme care with your home, but also to ensuring that our employees are working in safe conditions.

Our movers and staff are unable to wear booties or shoe protectors while moving furniture due to the safety hazard it creates for our staff. Shoe protectors make hardwood floors extremely slippery, and provide a greater risk of damage either to our inventory or your home to use them. In addition, our movers are unable to remove their footwear and add shoe protectors while carrying heavy furniture into your home. due to the risk removing footwear adds to their jobs.

We do provide runners and track off mats throughout your home and are absolutely diligent about protecting your floor. After all, if we had a track record of creating damage to homes and decreasing value, we wouldn’t have been in business this long!

Our staging staff will gladly remove their shoes and wear slip resistant socks while staging your home.

We want to leave your home as beautiful as we found it.


Do you also paint and provide cleaning services?

We focus on what we do best, which is staging your home for sale and interior redesign.

We will gladly refer you to one of our many qualified Preferred Vendors for any services you should need prior to listing your home.

Also, as a quick note, professional cleaning should take place prior to the staging so that we can ensure that the home is in show-ready condition when we leave. We always tidy up after we stage. It’s only polite.


How long will it take for you to stage our home?

All of our projects are completed in one day. We work with professional movers and have a staging staff that ranges from two to five stagers, dependent upon the needs of the home.

The timeframe for staging depends upon the size of your home, the scope of the project and whether it is a single family home, townhome or condo.

On average, we are able to complete the staging for vacant homes in less than 5 hours.

Occupied homes and those with 4 or more levels may require more time.


We are having an open house in a few days. Can you stage our vacant home before then?

It can be difficult to stage a home with just a few days notice. Our process involves an in-person preview of the home, followed by a formal proposal within 24 hours. We also must have a signed contract in place before we can schedule your staging.

Staged by Design® prides ourselves on creating property specific designs geared towards the demographic of your individual buyer and market. We not only provide furniture, but soft goods, accents, rugs, lighting and bedding, and each item is hand selected to coordinated with the look as a whole. Creating a staging plan and selecting inventory takes two stagers anywhere from 3 to 6 hours, as each room is carefully coordinated in advance. The majority of the time spent on staging your home takes place before we ever arrive!


life of staging project



I’m interested in “light staging”, maybe just a few chairs and some accessories.


I just want one or two rooms in my home staged. Do you offer that?

We suggest staging the entire main level and Master Bedroom at a minimum in order to provide a return on your staging investment. We feel that selecting only one or two rooms on the main level sends the message, “What’s wrong with those rooms that they needed to have them staged, but not the rest of the house?”

The only exception to this is an occupied home. If we have provided a staging consultation and are asked to bring furniture for only a few rooms, but to also stage the remainder of the furnished areas of the home with artwork and accessories, etc., we are happy to do so.

Something to consider is that the cost of staging will ALWAYS be less than your first price reduction.


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Why do rent your furniture for a minimum of 60 days? Isn’t the goal to sell the house quickly? What happens if we need to rent it longer than 60 days?

Our prime objective (in addition to making your home beautiful), is to sell your home for more money in less time. We offer a 60 day minimum that provides you with ample time to place your home on the market after staging, allow time for the negotiation process, as well as give you time for all your contingencies to be removed prior to the home being de-staged. Your contract contingencies include financial, inspection and appraisal contingencies. If for some reason your contract should fall through for any of those reasons, you often have the opportunity to re-list quickly, and have your home still staged and at no additional cost during the initial 60 time frame.

A realistic timeline for placing your home on the market:

We typically stage your home early in the week, (Mon-Wed) to allow your agent ample time to have photos taken, brochures made and to enter the home into the MLS for a Friday list date. By the time the house is “live” you are well into the first week’s rental. Even if your home receives an offer in 24 hours, it may take you several days of negotiations before you have a ratified contract. At this point, you are into the second week of rental. It is highly unusual to be able to not only have the contingencies scheduled, results received AND close within that two week time frame. The 60 day rental period offers you a cushion not only for closing but in case your offer falls through.

Should you need to extend the furniture and accessories rental past the initial terms, there is simply a monthly fee do so.



Staging is expensive! I am only willing to pay $1,500.00 or $2,000.00 to stage my vacant home.

Staging provides visual interest in photos where your home will be first viewed by the public. If the photos don’t reflect an appealing home, your buyers will NEVER see it in person. We create a warm, inviting look that is geared to the demographic of the buyer that allows them to envision themselves living there.

Staging is absolutely an investment in the sale of your home. It is a marketing tool that has been statistically proven to lower days on market and increase sales price. Expect to spend between .5% to 1% of the selling price for professional staging. For most of us, our homes are the single largest investment we will ever have. If you would detail your car before you sell it, why wouldn’t you give that same attention to your home?

Staged by Design’s branding is based upon providing a robust, model home look, that wows in person AND online. We have an extensive inventory of on-trend furniture, artwork and accessories to choose from. No Ikea furniture or yard sale items are EVER used in our staging. When it comes to staging, it’s true that you get what you pay for!

On a national level, homes that are professionally staged sell in 11 days and for 17% more. (source www.stagedhomes.com).


Something to consider:

  • The fees for home staging can often be tax deductible as an advertising cost for your home, if your home is not sold at a loss. (consult your accountant for specifics).
  • The alternative to not staging your home is to incur a price reduction. Price improvements generally begin at $10,000.00 or more. Staging will ALWAYS be less than a price reduction!


Price gets you interest. Staging gets it SOLD!

Gary Keller of Keller Williams: