Don’t Worry, I’ve Seen Worse: When to Schedule Your Staging Consultation

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When to Schedule Your Staging Consultation:

Why is it that most of us feel the need to apologize for the state of our homes, both to visitors and friends alike? I’ve been guilty of this myself, and have even caught myself apologizing to a delivery person who could only see a sliver of disorder through the cracked door as I signed for a package.

Many of my clients go through the same process of apologizing and explaining as to why their house is in a state in disarray. I’ve even had clients cancel our staging consultations multiple times because they felt they weren’t “ready”.  After talking about this with a good friend of mine, she suggested I arrive for the consultation wearing a t-shirt that says, “Staged by Design, Don’t Worry, I’ve Seen Worse”. We had a good laugh, but it’s absolutely true.

Most of my clients are already in the process of de-cluttering or are in transition of some sort. I’m trained to see past the clutter and visualize how to transform your home using what you have.

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That’s not just any drywall on the floor,
it’s the ceiling!

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Don’t worry about your collections. I’ll help you decide what stays and what goes.












It’s actually helpful for me to see how you really live in your home, as I can then provide strategies for helping you keep your home in staged condition, based upon the current state of the home. The last thing I want my clients to do is to spend their time and effort tidying their homes in anticipation of my arrival. I’d much rather them save their energy for preparing your home for the buyers.


I’m often asked the question, “What do I need to do to prepare for the staging consultation?”. My answer is “nothing”. Not to worry, I’ve seen worse.


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